All good adventures start in the tavern

July started with a chat with Maurice about the upcoming MonoGame support for dotnet core.

Before then, Impulse had been using .NET Framework but with a bit of help from Maurice's MonoGame Utils and a surprisingly small amount of messing about I managed to convert the engine and pipeline extensions over to dotnet core.

With the engine in pretty good shape I was free for most of the month to be focused on the game itself.

A tavern scene in pixel art
A few Brave Adventurers play a game in the tavern.

I've been using Notion as a brain dump for any ideas I have for the game. There were several documents with different story outlines but I managed to consolidate the bits I liked from all of them into a single story arc.

I'm a big fan of the classic Final Fantasy games as well as D&D so I'm setting Coco's adventure in a classic fantasy world with magic and monsters. I'm also a fan of Earthbound and Day of the Tentacle for their light-heartedness and absurdity so I'll be incorporating those elements as well.

While details of the story may change over time it felt good to have a clearer idea of what the general shape of it was going to be.

Story and the puzzle flow go hand in hand and so far things are starting to fall into place.

The puzzle dependency chart has changed a lot over the last few months. While most puzzles are connected and have a natural flow there are still a few non-contiguous puzzles that I need to find good spots for (or drop altogether).

With a broad idea of everything I figured the next logical step was to get a single "scene" or plot point properly working.

I decided to start with one that was mostly simple but would contain a bunch of "core loop" gameplay.

The scene I've picked is a tavern where Coco finds a group of adventurers playing a tabletop RPG.

So my aim for this month is finish the tavern assets, the dialogue scripts for the NPCs, and get a first pass battle system working for the optional fight that might go down in there.

It's going to be a busy month.