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I've been busy over the past few months. In addition to starting a new YouTube channel, the game itself has seen lots of steady progress.

Coco stands on a bridge looking at some monster mushrooms
Coco has to watch out for the sentient poison mushrooms.

Since moving to the Godot engine it feels like I can do things a lot faster which then means I can do those things a lot better.

After implementing the first stages of the combat system and a basic inventory system I spent a bunch of time on the art side of things.

There's the beginnings of a UI in there now with indicators of available actions as well as current health.

Coco has several new animations (with each of her eight directions drawn individually) that go along with the combat system.

On top of that, both the overworld and interior tilesets have been redrawn to be more cohesive.

And the addition of a subtle water shader means the river looks less garish.

I'm also making use of Godot's lighting system to help give indoor areas some character.

The tavern tileset has been redrawn and now has some moodier lighting.

The tavern also has an exterior, complete with particle emitter chimney smoke.

In that time I've also been preparing for my new YouTube channel.

So far I have two videos out and plan on releasing something either very week or every two weeks.

The first video is just a catch up to where I am with the game.

And the second is a run through of how I use my dialogue editor and Godot addon to show dialogue balloons in the game.

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