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A Gutsy move

Today marked the occasion of me giving in to the call of the Gutsy Gibbon. I know I said I was going to wait until after all of my exams/assignments were over but the lure of the latest Ubuntu was too strong. I took some time out from writing my MMDS3300 essay to load up the Gutsy live CD. In a few minutes I'd filled out the installer forms and the install was under way. A quick game of Lagno (I lost ) later and my computer was ready to restart.

First impressions have me impressed with how much faster Ubuntu is. Whether its booting or just opening and running programs, Ubuntu seems to power through it without a fuss. After installing the latest Nvidia driver with Envy I got to see the default Compiz that comes with Ubuntu. Even Compiz seemed to be a great deal smoother than what it was in Feisty.

Although I have always been happy with each new release of Ubuntu, I am particularly pleased with Gutsy

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