Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

Get more out of Markdown with Moredown

Moredown While working on Genki I came across the need to add some extra functionality to the Markdown Gem that I was using so I decided to fork it and create my own - Moredown.

At the moment Moredown supports everything that RDiscount supports with a few extra things thrown in. I have added extra syntax to handle Youtube and aligning images. Also, there are now some extra options when using Moredown as your Markdown processing gem.

You can remap any relative URLs to absolute URLs by passing in a :base_url argument.

Moredown.new(text, :base_url => 'http://nathanhoad.net')

Headings can be remapped down a few ranks. For example <h1> might get remapped down to <h3>. This is handy if you want to use the heading and sub-heading Markdown syntax for articles but don't want them to be <h1> and <h2> on your site.

Moredown.new(text, :map_headings => 2)

If you are processing Markdown in your RSS feed and have included Youtube videos you can easily have them converted to Youtube video preview images.

Moredown.new(text, :youtube_as_images => true)

Any RDiscount extensions can still be used by passing them into Moredown with the :extensions argument.

Moredown.new(text, :extensions => [:smart])

If you want more from Markdown, check out Moredown!

If I just made your day a little better then thank me with a coffee or maybe a a pizza