Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

Hardy Heron the Hard way

After an agonising wait on Thursday for the latest Ubuntu to be released I finally managed to download a copy of the Hardiest of Herons, Ubuntu 8.04. Every six months, with each new Ubuntu release, I format my Ubuntu partition and start again, cleansing my computer of all the 'testware' that I installed since the last format. I wanted to allow plenty of time for tinkering so I decided to put off the format until Friday (with it being a public holiday). I burned the Hardy ISO to a CD and got some sleep.

The next morning I began the upgrade. I booted up the live CD and set the install in motion before getting thrashed at chess... twice. Next came a reboot and a nasty surprise: no network! After a bit of unsuccessful tinkering I decided that I must have had some special network settings that were lost in the format. In went my old Gutsy CD to see if I could get networking happening with it. Networking worked straight away, which I thought was strange, so I figured that I would just install Gutsy and then do a dist-upgrade to Hardy (and hopefully trick Ubuntu into letting me use my network ).

After all that finished and I still didn't have networking, I jumped onto another computer and googled my network card to see if there were any known issues. Thankfully (I guess) there were. A bug had been lodged on Launchpad, citing a problem with the drivers for my network card, and a solution had been proposed. A quick test and SUCCESS! I had network, and with came Internet.

Now that I was finally connected to the outside world again I could get on with installing Ubuntu. I installed my video card drivers and enabled compiz. The first thing I noticed was a strange pink border around all of my windows. Luckily enough I had just opened Firefox and one of the first things to greet me was Google Reader and a post from Tombuntu regarding that very peculiarity. By following Toms advice I was able to replace the pink shadows with regular black ones.

With my now problem free Ubuntu, I could get on with checking out some of Hardy's new features. The first addition I looked at was Firefox 3 which I thought was a fair improvement over version 2. Its a shame none of my plugins work yet (especially Firebug and Del.icio.us) but it will only be a matter of time before they are updated. The next thing I noticed was the policykit integration. I think that it makes viewing settings much simplier; if you only want to look and not touch why should you have to enter a password? I also like the new integrated weather/clock (it is currently 15 degrees in Brisbane at the moment ).

As for the other features, you can check out the Ubuntu site for more of an idea.

If I just made your day a little better then thank me with a coffee or maybe a a pizza