Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

Introducing Claptrap

A couple of weeks ago I deployed my first Rails app; The Claptrap site .

Firstly, a bit about Claptrap: Claptrap is a radio show in Brisbane, Australia airing Sunday mornings on 4ZzZ 102.1FM. It's funny as hell and I recommend it to anyone who lives in Brisbane and/or has the internet (anyone reading this would have to fall into at least one of those categories).

As I said before, the Claptrap site was developed using Ruby on Rails and was a great project to give me something practical with which to learn the framework. There is still much to learn but Claptrap gave me a good start.

I was also trialling a new tool that was only pointed out to me recently: Unfuddle. Unfuddle is a project manager suite that let me keep track of every part of the project. The site tracks my tickets and milestones as well as giving me a central Git repository to keep my code in.

If you are in need of a laugh then check out Claptrap.com.au.

If I just made your day a little better then thank me with a coffee or maybe a a pizza