Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

Introducing Genki

Genki A few weeks ago I was shown Enki, a Ruby on Rails based blogging engine. I liked the philosophy of Enki from the start; A simple Rails app that was 'configured' by developing. There were no mountains of configuration options in the administration interface, only core elements.

After reading through the code and having a play with it, I decided that I wanted to fork the project on Github and start implementing a few extra features of my own. That is how Genki was born. I have an initial list of features that I want to add, most of which are being pulled out of my current bespoke blogging engine. Once that list is complete I will migrate this blog onto Genki and see where things go from there.

So far I have made two changes to Enki:

  1. I prefer Markdown to Textile so I have changed the syntax formatter (There is still some work to be done though).
  2. You can now upload arbitrary files (for post illustrations, for example).

Check out Genki at Github.

If I just made your day a little better then thank me with a coffee or maybe a a pizza