Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

Maneki is now on GitHub


Maneki is a file-based model for use in small Ruby applications, especially Sinatra sites.

Given a directory of Markdown documents (chapters of a book for example):


...each with a format similar to:

# Chapter 1 - The First

 - published: yes

This is the body of the chapter.

Maneki will be able to find and parse those chapters. Simply tell Maneki where to find them:

Maneki.path = 'chapters'

And grab one or all of the chapters out:

# All chapters

# Find a chapter by its 'slug'
Maneki.find '01-first'
Maneki.find :slug => '01-first'

# Find some chapters by some meta data
Maneki.find :headers => { :published => yes }

For more information (and a look at the source) check out the Maneki project page on Github.

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