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New Drawings: Lonely Traveller

Yesterday I uploaded two new deviations to my Deviant Art profile.

I started drawing a happy landscape with looping hills without any real idea of where I was going with the piece . Once I had some hills, I added a path and some trees and some clouds. The path appeared to lead nowhere so I felt I had to add something on the far hill for it to lead to; a castle seemed to be the obvious choice. The scene still looked a little flat (and not just because it was a 2d representation of some imaginary 3d space ) so I added some life with birds in the sky and some hooded stranger in the foreground. The result looked something like this:

A lonely traveller

At one point while drawing Lonely Traveller I had some dark and ominous looking mountains in the far distance but they really didn't fit the bright and colourful themes of the rest of the drawing. I removed them from that drawing but decided that they had a place in a more dark version of the same scene. I took the original drawing and made it more chaotic. The trees were all replaced with bare, dead branches. The bright, grassy hills and puffy, white clouds were gone and replaced with browned hills and brooding clouds (and some random, evil-looking mountains have sprouted from nowhere). The castle was partly razed and burning. Night has fallen and the same lonely traveller stands in the foreground. This drawing turned out like this:

A lonely traveller, that night

Both works were created using Inkscape.

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