Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

New Node Package: Imitation

I just published Imitation, a new Node package that helps with testing React components (especially those using CSS modules).

The most common use case is simply for mocking out image/css requires.

For example, say you have a component:

const React = require('react');

// CSS module
const styles = require('./thing.css');

// Image
const welcome_image = require('./welcome.png');

class Thing extends React.Component {
    render () {
        return (
            <div className={styles.wrapper}>
                <img src={welcome_image} />

module.exports = Thing;

If you were to simply use something like Enzyme then it would fail when trying to require the css and image files.

That's where Imitation comes in. It hooks into the default require and injects a simple mock for images and css (images resolve to their own path and css resolves to a Proxy object where all custom properties resolve to just their name).

const React = require('react');
const { mockDOM, unmockDOM, mockAssets, unmockAssets } = require('imitation');
const { test } = require('ava');
const { shallow } = require('enzyme');

var Thing;

test.beforeEach(t => {

    Thing = require('../components/thing'); // Thing uses require for images and css

test.afterEach(t => {

test("It renders", t => {
    let component = shallow(<Thing />);

    // Assert something
    // ...

Imitation also has some methods for mocking URLs (for testing Redux Actions, etc) but I'll let you check them out in the README.

If I just made your day a little better then thank me with a coffee or maybe a a pizza