Pixel Beach for Mac released

Pixel Beach, the game we made in 48 hours for Node Knockout back in November, has been reworked and is now available to download.

We had a bunch of ideas for the game before starting the hackathon but, with any time limited project, we had to make a lot of sacrifices to finish on time. Now, with more time to work on it, I've taken the original game and stripped out all of the time-comprimises and rebuilt it according to the initial vision.

I've simplified the over-the-top item collecting/dodging mechanic down to just two items - a single collectable and a single obstacle. I've also implemented an air-time trick mechanic that challenges the player to input arrow key combinations while in the air to boost their score bonus.

More music has been added - thanks to Jaap van Hardeveld.

More sounds have been added.

I've added more animation to the player (I've been getting more into Aseperite for pixel art) as well as a proper exploding animation when the player hits a mine.

There really are too many changes to list but one of the major things I wanted to mention last was translations. I've implemented a translations plugin that allows for easy translations and made the game available in English, German (thanks to Lilly Piri), and Spanish.