Hi! I'm Nathan Hoad

TinyMCE React

I recently tried to use TinyMCE in a React app and was directed to use react-tinymce but came across a bunch of issues (mainly but not limited to warning from React 15.5).

I started writing a pull request for react-tinymce but I ended up changing pretty much everything about it so I figured it would be better to just publish a new module. The result is tinymce-react

Not only is it compatible with the latest React, it also automatically loads in the cloud version of TinyMCE (including your API key if you provide it).

const React = require('react');
const TinyMCE = require('tinymce-react');

module.exports = (props) => {
    return (
                height: 500,
                plugins: 'image table'
            content={`<p>This is some HTML</p>`} 
            onContentChanged={content => console.log(content)} 

For more (up to date) information read the docs

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